• COVID-19: Appointments are available via Skype or in person!

    COVID-19: Appointments are available via Skype or in person!

  • Are you struggling to cope with an issue or problem?

    Are you struggling to cope with an issue or problem?

  • Are you unhappy about some aspect of yourself?

    Are you unhappy about some aspect of yourself?

Curative Hypnotherapy in Malvern, Worcestershire...

I'm Emily Fennell and I specialise in an advanced form of hypnotherapy that offers an enjoyable and pain-free way to help you achieve the positive and lasting changes you've been hoping for.

I run a successful practice in the Malvern Hills, seeing clients from across the three counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, as well as those from farther afield.

Curative Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for such a wide variety of emotional, behavioural and physical issues. Click here to discover who It can help.

I believe in working with individuals, not symptoms or labels. You are unique and should be treated as such – a one size fits all approach simply doesn't cut it!

So get in touch to find out how curative hypnotherapy could help the unique individual that you are.

Mary, Bristol

I would definitely recommend Emily to anyone wanting help with an addiction or any other issue. Probably one of the most relaxing and worthwhile things I've done!

Sally, Worcestershire

Dear Emily, I really cannot thank you enough for the phenomenal work you have done with my son – his anxiety is a thing of the past and you have given me my vibrant and carefree lad back again! After trying so many different therapies and treatments, we have finally got the outcome that I previously couldn’t even dare to dream of. Your skill, patience, professionalism and kindness to us at every step of the way has really meant so much. It is not enough to say… Thank you.

Mike, Malvern

I smoked for 40 years and had tried so much to give it up and always felt so cross and frustrated with myself when I never could. I can't believe how easy it was doing it with hypnosis. I just wish I would of done it a lot sooner. I don't remember much about the session I had but I remember that I really liked it and that Emily herself was really nice and genuine and so positive and answered all my questions. Thank you so much Emily!

Karolina, Birmingham

Emily is a very professional therapist, eager to explain everything about Lesserian Therapy so it's easy to understand the whole process. Treatment itself is an interesting and pleasurable experience, and the results are really worth it.

Keith, Telford

Being a curative hypnotherapist and having trained alongside Emily I had no hesitation contacting Emily when I needed treatment myself, knowing I was in capable hands that I completely trust. Emily’s calm and friendly personality combined with her knowledge, skills and abilities ensure you a pleasant, relaxing and rewarding experience of curative hypnotherapy. Working skillfully and methodically, Emily took me, over the series of treatments, further and further in to a fabulous state of relaxation, all I had to do was enjoy the experience, which I did and with the benefit of having my issue (joint pain) cured entirely. I hold Emily in the highest esteem and thoroughly recommend her services. 

Accrediting Bodies

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