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A Client Perspective

Deciding to have hypnotherapy treatment (or any other sort of therapy treatment for that matter) can be a big decision and many people feel very nervous when attending a hypnotherapy session for the first time (although I’m happy to say that they feel a lot better and happier by the end!).

So when people call or email me to enquire about hypnotherapy, I am always keen to reassure them of just how utterly un-scary and painless the whole process is – in fact it’s really rather enjoyable (not to mention highly effective and potentially life-changing). 

But then I would say that, wouldn’t I?

As a professional curative hypnotherapist, I’m obviously going to think that this particular treatment is the bees knees. So instead of taking my word for it, I really want to share with you the experience of someone who had treatment with me earlier in the year so that you can hear how it feels to have curative hypnotherapy treatment.

Some thoughts on New Year's resolutions and why I still don't know how to play chess

New Year's resolutions. Do you make them? Do you stick to them? Do you think it's all over-hyped nonsense designed to make us feel terrible for the rest of the year? 

I've never really made New Year Resolutions. There was one half-hearted promise to myself on January 1st 2008 that this would definitely be the year that I learnt how to play chess. But it all played out rather predictably (my motivation, not the game itself) and was forgotten within a week.  

So if you do love making resolutions and the process works for you, then carry on, I salute you. And for the rest of us, maybe it's worth taking a different approach ....

Can hypnosis 'erase' an upsetting memory?

In the 2004 film ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, an estranged couple separately take the decision to erase each other from their memories. Forever.

An appealing idea?

Stage hypnotist or hypnotherapist: What’s the difference?

This spring saw the broadcast of ITV’s new gameshow, ‘You’re Back in the Room’, in which a stage hypnotist encourages willing contestants to perform tasks under hypnosis in the hopes of winning a prize. The portrayal of hypnosis as entertainment on such a mainstream TV channel certainly reignited debate amongst hypnotherapists as to how helpful a portrayal this was to our profession.

For me, the two most important questions that I have already been asked as a result of this programme are as follows:

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