Curative Hypnotherapy videos

How can hypnotherapy help me stop smoking?

Here's some information on how hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking, once and for all.

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About Emily

A brief introduction video about me and Curative Hypnotherapy.

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Curative Hypnotherapy in a nutshell

A 35 second guide to curative hypnotherapy

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What is Curative Hypnotherapy & who can it help?

Curative hypnotherapy is an advanced form of hypnotherapy treatment that uses hypnosis to full effect - not simply to suppress or to alleviate symptoms with suggestion but to uncover and resolve the root cause of the issue.

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How does online hypnotherapy work?

More and more people are seeking hypnotherapy treatment with me online and it can be a really effective way of working. This video tells you what to expect from online treatment and how best to prepare for a session.

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Accrediting Bodies

  • Lesserian™ Curative Hypnotherapy logo
  • General Hypnotherapy Standards Council Accredited Practitioner
  • General Hypnotherapy Register Registered Practitioner