A Client Perspective

Deciding to have hypnotherapy treatment (or any other sort of therapy treatment for that matter) can be a big decision and many people feel very nervous when attending a hypnotherapy session for the first time (although I’m happy to say that they feel a lot better and happier by the end!).

So when people call or email me to enquire about hypnotherapy, I am always keen to reassure them of just how utterly un-scary and painless the whole process is – in fact it’s really rather enjoyable (not to mention highly effective and potentially life-changing). 

But then I would say that, wouldn’t I?

As a professional curative hypnotherapist, I’m obviously going to think that this particular treatment is the bees knees. So instead of taking my word for it, I really want to share with you the experience of someone who had treatment with me earlier in the year so that you can hear how it feels to have curative hypnotherapy treatment.

Words shared (unedited) with kind permission from the client herself. 

Emily really helped me to overcome my confidence issues, from blushing, to voice shaking, to full on panic attack symptoms. This had been a longstanding problem going way back to childhood. Emily’s Curative Hypnotherapy has had amazing results. I am no longer avoiding situations and have even started a new career which involves public speaking. I really could never have imagined this would be possible.

The process itself took a little getting used to, and in some ways you have to literally give yourself up to it and stop trying to understand it. You just have to learn to relax (which is a valuable tool I still use), and learn to trust that your subconscious voice is taking charge – even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. I definitely had doubts about this initially, but Emily has clever techniques to cross-reference all information, and plus, quite to my surprise, I found I was suddenly behaving differently in situations I would have usually found difficult.

It took a while to get used to this new approach to life, but soon I was challenging myself and finding it was all purely a learning curve. I just had to believe in myself and learn from my mistakes. What a release from captivity! I had finally started to let go of an issue which had hampered me all my life. 

It’s as if there’s an inner person in all of us, who, once they realise they’ve made a misjudgement, begins to make the correct adjustments.

Emily was behind me every step of the way. She is a gifted and professional therapist, with an understanding and giving nature. This type of hypnotherapy (Lesserian) really seems to get to the core of psychology and behaviour. I am so thankful Emily made it available to me.

Tina, Worcester

As stoic human beings we have a great knack for ‘getting on with’ life and ‘putting up with’ symptoms or behaviours even when they hold us back and cause us misery and upset. As such, it can often be difficult to even imagine the possibility of being free from an issue that’s troubled us for so many years. But, as Tina’s words show, such liberation is entirely possible. Tina does acknowledge that these positive changes took a while to get used to but it’s great to hear how much she is making the most of life now.

Tina also mentions how the actual process of curative hypnotherapy - using conscious relaxation to work with the subconscious mind - initially took some getting used to as we began our work together. Tina's not alone with this. As enjoyable and relaxing as curative hypnotherapy is, this way of working does take some getting used to for the majority of my clients and that it totally normal and understandable. This is not because treatment is in any way difficult (in fact what could be easier than relaxing and simply letting your own wonderful subconscious mind sort things for you?!), but simply because it is different to what we are used to doing and it takes a while for us to realise that we can trust in our own subconscious mind, our own (to pinch Tina's phrase) ‘inner person’. 

Like Tina, many of my clients initially have concerns that they may not respond well to treatment, or that they ‘won’t relax enough’. Hopefully Tina’s words can reassure you that such initial doubts need not in any way be a barrier to eventual successful treatment. As your hypnotherapist, it is my job to listen to and respect these initial doubts and to help you to prove to yourself that they are unfounded and that you can indeed be helped (and perhaps even enjoy your treatment along the way!).

As I’m always fond of saying, we are all gloriously and wonderfully unique. Tina’s experience of hypnotherapy was unique to her, but her words do raise some really important points and I am very grateful to her for allowing me to share them with you. 


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